Our Story & Mission

As a Serial Entrepreneur who has launched numerous companies over the years, it was 4 years ago our first "Mojo" branded company known in the Motorsport industry as MojoMotoSport.com was born.  Dirt Bike racing and riding is definitely a male dominated sport that has and always will be the heart of the Mojo brand.  Our slogan is - Stop Whining, Make The Pass and GET YOUR MOJO ON!

While guys who ride Dirt Bikes have been our main audience, we wanted to create  a powerful, motivational product designed to bring ALL men over 30 back to their former glory and help them GET THEIR MOJO BACK!  

On a personal note, I am a 47 year old father of 2, with 3 stepchildren already out of the house.  Being an Entrepreneur isn't always as glamorous as it may sound.. Long nights, mountains of stress, financial worries.. the list of pitfalls are many and over time they certainly have taken their toll on me personally.  This is the real reason I created Mojo For Men. 

It started as something I knew I was lacking, and that I just didn't have that POWER and SWAGGER that I used to.  This problem of mine was something I was determined to solve, and I had tried most of the other products on the market, but none had ALL 3 of the things I needed help with.  I knew I had a Low T issue, I was experiencing brain fog, and was just tired of trying to stay powered up on energy drinks. 

So about a year ago I reached out to a reputable, made in the USA supplement manufacturer and began experimenting with different compounds at different combination blends until I finally found the 3 benefits in one product that I was looking for and had the effects on me that helped me GET MY MOJO BACK!  I named this proprietary formula my "Trifecta Blend" and has turned into something I am proud to share with other Men who struggle with their weight, brain fog, and motivation to just GET OFF THE COUCH AND GET TO THE GYM!

I personally take Mojo For Men daily as it has helped me stay committed to living a healthy lifestyle and sticking to my Gym routine, helped my mental clarity, and yes, it absolutely helps in the bedroom.  One pill in the morning with my coffee, and one at lunch..  After all how could I sell you a product that I didn't believe in and take every day myself?  

Guys, this stuff works - I put my reputation on the line and promise it will work for you too!

Give Mojo For Men a serious 90 day test for yourself and let me know your honest thoughts..  Looking forward to hearing from you.


Dylan Trent
support (at) mojoformen.com